24 Heroes in 24 Hours is 6 days away!!


On July 3rd, CrossFit ISI will host 24 Heroes in 24 Hours, which was started at The Main Line CrossFit in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, in 2012.

Starting at 1000 (10:00am) on Friday the 3rd, athletes will perform a “Hero WOD” every hour for 24 straight hours.

This 24 hour event serves as a fundraiser for 23rd Veteran ( https://23rdveteran.org/ ) and for our local charity we have chosen Assist the Officer with a donation in Sgt. Chris Brewster’s name.

The mission of 23rd Veteran is to provide a happier, healthier life for veterans living with trauma. They achieve their mission through a groundbreaking 14-week program (23V Recon) they developed that is based in camaraderie, physical fitness and positive psychology. Check out this video to get a glimpse of this awesome program. All ticket sale proceeds will be donated to 23rd Veteran.

More information about 23rd Veteran can be found here {23rdveteran.org}.

About the 24 Heroes in 24 Hours:

The Hero WODs from CrossFit are named after Heroes who have given their lives in the line of duty – military or civilian. Each workout is hard, heavy, and long. These WODs are difficult in their design, but our desire is that ANYONE can participate to show honor and respect to these Heroes…so anything can be modified or scaled as needed!  For each workout we will also have a “team” format available: this allows for teams of 2-4 athletes to share the workouts and distribute the movements among their teammates to complete the WOD. The list of workouts is published below and the name of each workout is beside it’s time slot in Eventbrite where you’ll grab your tickets! ​

***We will finish the 24 hour event with “BREWSTER” at 0900, Saturday morning. All are welcome to attend this final event, as this WOD is near and dear to our hearts at ISI as Brewster was a friend to many here. See Brewster’s story below along with the story behind all of our chosen Heroes for this event.

There is NO expectation that all athletes perform ALL WODs. This is a fundraising event FIRST, Endurance event second. We want lots of participants to sign up so that we can increase the overall donation amount to the 23rd Veteran and our local charity. Of course, we would love to see you knock out as many WODs as you want to safely perform. But we’re here for what the event MEANS more than the physical challenge of attempting 24 separate HERO WODs.

All Athletes should come prepared to tackle your workout by familiarize themselves with the basic components found in the Hero WOD: Bring your running shoes if needed, weightlifting belts, weight VESTS (if you have one), wrist wraps, change of clothes and socks, your OWN CHALK (we do have extras for guests) and anything else that helps to get you through a sweaty Hero workout.

All athletes and participants will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to engaging in any of the workouts. No exceptions.

*All of our COVID-19 safety and sanitization procedures we currently have in place will be followed strictly during this event. Minimum 6 ft. spacing between athletes, disinfecting of equipment between use by athletes, and full gym sanitization multiple times throughout the 24 hours will be strictly enforced.

THE WOD LIST WILL POSTED HERE SOON COMING SOON! Follow Eventbrite link above to see it now

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