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Next Intro Class begins this week!

Whether you just want to get a feel of what this whole “CrossFit thing” is about, or if you need a detailed refresher of the basics, this class is for you! Our intro class is a requirement before beginning a membership (only exception is a 2x/week Lite Class Only Membership) because your safety and longevity in CrossFit is of the utmost importance to us! Beginning with the foundation of fitness, NUTRITION, and then spending a significant amount of time learning and drilling the movements, and each class ending with a great workout, this class is a STRONG start to your fitness journey! Join us and make this Summer your fittest one yet!

Register for your Intro Class Membership HERE (Intro Class membership is non-refundable)

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8/01/17 WOD

Every 1:30 for 7:30

Power Clean X 2 (50-55-60-65-70%)

Every 1:30 for 7:30

Clean X 2Β (50-55-60-65-70%)

Every 2:00 for 10:00

Clean X 1 (75-80-85-85-90%)

EMOM 5:00

Clean Pull X 2 (95-105%)