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“The Chief” and Challenge winner

Great Job to all of you who participated in the most recent Advocare 24 Day Challenge!
Our group of 8 lost over 80lbs and over 85 inches of fat off of their bodies!
Our BIG WINNER lost 4.6% of her total measurements and 9.07% of her body weight!
Way to go…..

Everyone did an INCREDIBLE job on this challenge but more importantly they have put healthy habits in place that will help them continue on their path to becoming FIT!




New You Challenge

The winner of the ISI/Advocare New You Challenge will be announced today! Stay tuned…

A little preview of some of the results:

16 lbs lost…12 lbs lost…9 lbs lost…

3 inches off the waist…2 inches off the thigh…3.5 inches off the hips

Above and beyond…

Saw this great quote from Laurie at Ranier CrossFit.  She is addressing her athletes and coaches that are participating in the Open…

“If you’re an athlete, you’re hear me say this a lot. Do it right. CLEARLY. MEET. OR. EXCEED. EVERY. MOVEMENT. STANDARD. Demonstate clearly that you can do eveything right and there will never be cause for your judge to take a rep away from you. 

Some people will cheat their way to better scores. Sorry but it’s true.”

While she is specfifically talking to those competing in the Open, this should apply to every CrossFit athlete…in any WOD…whether in regular training at their box or at a competition.  At ISI we hear all the time “will it count if I…” and that’s a hard question to answer. Will it count? Well, that depends…did you come in here to scrape by with the bare minimum, or do you want to do it well?

Don’t misunderstand, this doesn’t mean that you can’t modify movements.  It is absolutely ok (recommended and even required sometimes) that athletes modify movements! You can modify a movement or skill and STILL do it full out, to the best of your ability, and with good form, EVERY TIME.  If you are modifying RX’d hand release push ups with knee pushups, great. Do those hand release knee push ups with perfect form.  The modification for a hand release push up is not a knee pushup with your butt up in the air and arms bending 2 inches each rep. 

So if you’re asking, “will it count if I do knee pushups”, the answer is YES! Absolutely! That rep counts and you will get an incredible workout.  If you are asking for permission to use minimal effort, cheat the form or range of motion, or half-ass a movement, then no…it does not “count”. And you shouldn’t want it to. You want to be better than that.

Train every day like it’s a competition.  You are competing with the you you were in yesterday’s WOD. Go above and beyond.  Like Laurie said to the Open athletes, “Do it right”…that way you can be proud of the work you do at ISI daily. You’re only cheating yourself if you don’t give it 100%.