The Summer is coming! It’s time to Commit to Fit!

We all know we SHOULD eat healthier. Most of us even know HOW to eat healthier. And we “try” to eat better but we just fizzle out after just a few short weeks because it’s just too difficult.

Who has time to commit to all that meal-planning, shopping, cooking, and meal-prep when it’s just easier to just eat out all the time?!

#CommitToFit is about making it easier to make a lasting, sustainable change in your nutrition. We’re challenging ourselves to make a 90-day commitment to eating at least 5 prepared meals from FitChef (a local chef that specializes in healthy and delicious meal prep).

It’s that simple: (more…)

Bod Pod here May 12th!

The Doc is coming back with the mobile Bod Pod on Thursday, May 12! The link to sign up for a time slot is below.

These guys are great in that they not only tell you what your body is currently made up of, but help you develop a plan to get where you want to be!

This would be a great starting at gauge for our Summer Nutrition Challenge, and we will be bringing them back out in late June/early July to retest and see our improvement!

$50 per test or $90 for both tests (with advanced payment).

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