Iron Sharpens Iron 2.0

We are very excited about the future here at CrossFit Iron Sharpens Iron! There are LOTS of fun and exciting things happening as we move into the next chapter of our gym! Website changes are coming soon with updated class schedules, and a new look. Please reach out to Kristen McGinn at kristen@crossfitisi.com or 832-878-8323 to schedule a free intro class or tour our facility.  We look forward to seeing you soon!


EMOM 10:00
3 stop clean dead + clean pull + hang power
clean + FS + push jerk
*Empty BB or lighter

1.5 mile time trial

Walk 1 lap

4 rfq
:30 front leaning rest on rings
10 alt thread the needle
:30 side plank L
5 sumo inch worm
:30 side plank R
:30 pinch grip plate hold AHAP



Walk 1 lap

1:00 couch stretch R
1:00 couch stretch L
1:00 rig ham stretch R
1:00 rig ham stretch L
1:00 butterfly stretch
10 thoracic ext rotation R
10 thoracic ext rotation L

11/21/18 WOD

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: regular morning classes, 4-7pm open gym.

5:00 HS walk practice

EMOM 8:00
A – Burgener warm up x 2
B – :20 supinated hang

For Time:
1K Row
50 Thrusters, 45#
30 Pullups

#CheckinforCharity in July & August

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The charity for the month of May is the Lupus Foundation Gulf Coast Chapter.  #LupusFoundation

Lupus Foundation


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