Apparently there’s an event at the Stadium, this morning….

If you are already here or on your way, text Misty for Plan B: 713-818-1216!


Andrew had some of you whining bright and early with a fake WOD posted that included 5 miles of running, 1 mile at a time, with Grace, Isabel, and 100 push-ups sandwiched in between…..
I even heard that someone came, saw that WOD, and LEFT!!!!!!!!!!
…you know who you are, and you will be punished…..(insert evil laugh here)

Anyway, the real WOD was no piece of cake..good job to those that came!




Endurance group…

If you would like to, meet at the track tomorrow…7:00AM start time. We will be running some 100m sprints. Text Misty later tonight (after 8pm) for an exact location (going to check and make sure track is open!)

On Ramp

CrossFit ISI’s on ramp program is a great way to learn the fundamental movements of the CrossFit program, and decide if it is right for you. Because we believe mechanics and form are crucial before pushing intensity, the On Ramp program is required before beginning a membership at ISI.
Our on-ramp classes meet on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 PM, and Saturday at 9:00 AM. It is required that an athlete attends all six consecutive on-ramp classes before you are free to begin a membership.

Next on ramp session begins:
TOMORROW, Tuesday, March 4.

Please email info@crossfitisi.com or text Misty 713-818-1216 if you plan on attending this OnRamp session!

After this session, our next On Ramp will not begin until Tuesday, March 25th as our On Ramp coach will be on vacation mid-March!