New Programming Cycle Begins

On Monday, 3/27 we are starting a 6-week cycle where we will be working on building your strength base (squat, deadlift, press), aerobic capacity (some longer, slower WODs), and gymnastics.

The first week will allow you to test your current strength levels, and we will retest several weeks down the road. Remember we are not interested in how much you can lift but rather how much you can control. Said differently, don’t sacrifice mechanics/technique for a few more pounds. Be patient. Respect the principle of mechanics – consistency – intensity.

Some of the days will be less intense in terms of the WOD – that is completely by design. We need to give your bodies time to recover from the super-high-intensity CrossFit Open and also be intentional about spending some time building up your aerobic capacity and base gymnastics skills. As a bonus, the aerobic and gymnastic work will definitely have you ready to PR Murph on Memorial Day (Monday, May 29).

(And remember that when you see an “easy” day on the board, that just might be a clue that the next day or two are going to really sting.)

Finally, we will be posting a weekly OPTIONAL gymnastics WOD for the next several weeks. This is just a little low volume gymnastics work designed for you to do on your own to help build and refine some of the more advanced gymnastics work seen in CrossFit workouts – muscle ups, handstands, pistols, etc. This would be great to do on a Saturday or if you have time to hang after class one day per week.

Geometry 101 – the height of a pyramid is determined by the area of its base. We are going to start immediately laying the strength, aerobic, and gymnastic base you will need to have the best CrossFit Open performance ever in 2018 – only 47 weeks away – time to get to work!!!

– Jon Bryan

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