Try ISI out to see if it’s right for you. No strings attached or sales tactics…ever. In fact if you have to be sold fitness, you’re not ready to be fit. No fitness level required, or CrossFit experience, just a want to be put to work and make a change.

Step 1: Try out a FREE COMMUNITY WOD held on Saturdays at 9:00am!

These are fun workouts that anyone can do, from beginner to expert. You’ll love the environment and the community at ISI.

   Try a Free Class

Step 2: Sign up for the next one-day On-Ramp class!

On Ramp will teach you the basic movements so that you can begin safely.  It’s also only one-day so that we can get you into the group classes as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy the community of CrossFit…it really is the best part! (One-Day On-Ramp: $30) 

Announcements about upcoming On-Ramp classes are posted here.

   Register for On-Ramp

Mainly for your safety, but also for the efficiency and flow of the classes (out of respect for our athletes), we cannot allow first-timers to drop-in to just any class on the schedule. As a first-time guest, we want to be sure you have the individual attention of a coach to ensure you understand the movements and are safe in performing the workout. So if you are hesitant to do On Ramp because you just haven’t made your mind up yet, PLEASE join us for a Saturday Community WOD!

Step 3: Submit your membership application (download and print or fill out online).

Once you love how CrossFit makes you feel, keep on coming! We know when you are new and still perhaps a little bit hesitant, the temptation is to want to “try it out” or tip toe in to see how you do.  However, you will never achieve the results that you desire from the program by coming 2x/week and eating like crap in between! If you’ll allow, ISI coaches would LOVE to help you get those results…but first it takes you GETTING IN TO THE GYM!  Between the 4+ WODs you get in a week and cleaning up your nutrition (we talk a LOT about nutrition around here….it’s the BASE of our Fitness pyramid) you’ll LOVE how you look and feel!  Start your UNLIMITED membership at ISI. It will be the best decision you ever make for yourself.

In fact, we are so passionate about the IMPORTANCE of good nutrition and the part it plays, we would love to get you started STRONG! We know that pairing great nutrition with your training is the only way to see maximum results. That’s why if you purchase and ADVOCARE 24 DAY CHALLENGE, it will take the place of your $30 On Ramp Fee and give you your first month at CrossFit ISI FREE!

OnRamp- $30.00 + First Month Unlimited- $165 = $195.00

Advocare 24 Day Challenge (RETAIL PRICE) + OnRamp and 1 month of CFISI = $195.00

However, if you become an Advocare distributor * for just $79, you get 2 FREE boxes of Spark, the 24 DayChallenge for $120, and you are now set up to get 20% off of Advocare products for life! No minimum, no autoship, no quotas…just 20% off anything you ever order again!

Advocare 24 Day Challenge + Distributorship (20% off for life) + OnRamp and 1 month of CFISI = $215.00

Let us show you how to start your fitness journey the strongest way possible…by COMBINING world-class nutrition (ADVOCARE) with the most efficient and effective way of getting in shape (CROSSFIT)!

*must become a distributor using link above under sponsorship of Kevin and Misty Neimeyer

   Sign Up Online

Once you have submitted your application to us and it has been processed, you’ll be added as a member in our Zen Planner membership portal and will have full control over your membership from paying monthly fees, to reserving your spot in classes (possibly in the future, not required yet), to signing up for special events, all online.


  1. Kalyn

    Hello! I am in town this week visiting my parents and would like to drop in for a few classes. I have been crossfitting over 4 years and I am very familiar with all of the movements and standards. I am interested in coming to the 5 am class tomorrow. Please let me know if this would be possible.

    Thank you!

    1. Misty

      Sure thing Kalyn! Happy to have you! As soon as you arrive, fill out a quick waiver and you’ll be all set to start! Any questions tonight, shoot me an email at
      Look forward to meeting you sometime!


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