Intro Course

*On Ramp is not necessary to begin a 2x/week Membership to our CrossFit LITE Classes only. 

**If our On Ramp schedule does NOT work with your work schedule, your other option is to complete the On Ramp course through 1:1 Personal Training or by forming a 2+ person personal training group of your own. Please see the “Personal Training” section of our “RATES” page for pricing. The On Ramp curriculum can be completed in anywhere from 6-10 1:1 sessions. This is at the discretion of the coach as to when the athlete is prepared to move into main classes as well as all of the material gets covered.

Why is On Ramp necessary? Can’t I just jump right into classes?

One of the reasons why CrossFit is unique from other training methodologies is because we employ functional movements – multi-joint movements that closely replicate those found in sports or life, and which strengthen and engage an entire kinetic chain instead of an individual muscle or muscle group. Because these movements can be complex, and are often unfamiliar to those new to the sport, they often require a fair amount of instruction before they can be employed safely and effectively. Our On-Ramp not only affords this instruction, but also the opportunity for people to apply what they’ve learned.

Now that I’ve signed up for On Ramp, what can I expect?

Do most people get absolutely CRUSHED during their first On-Ramp class? Not at all! Our goal in On-Ramp is to provide you with the principles of functional movement. Accordingly, CrossFit ISI’s On-Ramp is instructional in nature, in that it’s designed to teach you how to perform the movements we use on a regular basis. The reason for a 4 week On Ramp is so that it is not a single session with the objective of cramming as much information down your throat as we can in a short time. We want you to have time to learn a movement, practice it, and even sleep on it so that you can hopefully commit it to memory!

I’m excited to learn the movements, but I DO like to try to get a workout in each day. Will we be working out at all during On-Ramp? Can I workout earlier in the day? In order to ensure that you’re not only familiar with the movements we use, but also the structure and flow of a CrossFit ISI workout, we incorporate a WOD (workout of the day) into each On-Ramp session. Again, the goal of these workouts is to familiarize you with our program and give you a small taste of the “intensity” you may feel in a workout, not to leave you feeling buried. If you have some experience, or have proven to be safe and proficient at a movement, we’ll allow you to push some intensity during the WOD. But our number one priority is that you get your heart rate up, perform the newly learned movements safely, and leave feeling both successful and encouraged.

Side note: Because many of the movements patterns taught during a typical On-Ramp likely feel new, a lot of folks find that they’re often using muscles they never knew they had as they learn each movement. Accordingly, it’s not uncommon for members to wake up feeling fairly sore after each On-Ramp Session. If you wake up the morning after your first class feeling tight, DON’T SWEAT IT. You’re not at risk of becoming an On-Ramp dropout!!!

Thing #5: What should I wear? Wear whatever you’re comfortable working out in. There’s no need to buy a completely new wardrobe an advance of your first On-Ramp. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable and confident in whatever you’re training in. If you have a pair of shorts, socks, or athletic shoes that you’ve already accumulated some time in that work well for you, by all means, wear them. That said, coaches and members alike won’t hesitate to share with you the “gear” that we find to be the most helpful, comfortable, or just awesome looking.