Proper nutrition is a combination of real food and supplementation.

In fact, we are so passionate about the IMPORTANCE of good nutrition and the part it plays, we would love to get you started STRONG! We know that pairing great nutrition with your training is the only way to see maximum results. That’s why if you purchase and ADVOCARE 24 DAY CHALLENGE, it will take the place of your $30 On Ramp Fee and give you your first month at CrossFit ISI FREE! Visit our How Do I Start page for more information on this opportunity!



Combining the CrossFit training methodology with a diet of meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar brings “a jet stream of adaptation,” says CrossFit founder Greg Glassman.

In the pyramid Glassman created, nutrition is the foundation, with met-cons, gymnastics, weightlifting and throwing, and sport following.

“Each level builds on the level below it,” explains Nicole Carroll, director of certification. “If your nutrition sucks, these things will not be where they could be if it were more solid.”

Likewise, Glassman says CrossFit favors Barry Sears’ Zone Diet “because it does give me accurate and precise prescription for caloric intake and, more importantly, the exact levels of macronutrient that I can start at.”

Likewise, trainers and coaches can make informed decisions on how to tweak an athlete’s diet for improved performance, he says.

CrossFit HQ trainer Pat Sherwood says nutrition isn’t an either/or aspect of training.

“It’s not quality or quantity. It can and it should be both.”

*From the CrossFit Journal, March 27, 2012.



Whether your goal is to lose weight, lean out, perform better, have more energy, or just be in better health, Advocare has products and supplements that will not only help you achieve your goal, but will exceed your expectations!

Those that take the 24 Day Challenge lose an average of 10 lbs and 10 inches in 24 days! What a great way to jump start your results! When you pair Advocare with a great exercise regimen (CROSSFIT), the results are amazing! From Catalyst (to protect your lean muscle mass during a WOD) to Post Workout Recovery (protein to repair muscles and minimize soreness after a WOD), average CrossFitters to Professional Athletes trust Advocare products because THEY WORK!

Mike Burgener, Head Coach Weightlifting CrossFit Cert, “The products are safe and designed by the scientific and medical community, and – most importantly – they work” Mike says.


No matter how healthy you try and eat, odds are you have some holes in your nutrition. Supplements help to fill these voids with what your body needs to function at it’s best.  If you have the best diet we can imagine, Advocare Supplements and Products will still aid in increasing your benefits and results from your hard work.


When you realize how much you LOVE these products and how they are making a difference in your body, you’ll want to continue to use them daily! If you “Become a Distributor”, you can get all of your products at a DISCOUNT! It’s easy and costs no more than getting a membership to a Sam’s Club…buy the distributor kit, get $50 in FREE PRODUCTS, and get a discount on your products from here on out.

Some of the products your Coaches and some of your fellow athletes at ISI swear by:

Catalystaffectionately referred to as “lipo in a bottle”; protects lean muscle mass and burns fat during a WOD

Post Workout Recovery- aids in muscle recovery and reducing soreness; feeds the muscles after a WOD

Night Time Recovery- muscle growth and repair while you sleep

Spark- provides you with steady, even energy and mental focus throughout the day; no energy “highs” or “crashes”

MNS- this is your core nutrition; aids in weightloss, gives energy, and fills the nutritional voids you aren’t getting from your diet

Omegaplex especially if you have weight loss goals, you should be taking fish oils daily


Start Here: The 24 Day Challenge

It combines a number of AdvoCare “Staple” products together to give you focused, quick, proven results-getting your nutrition balanced and on track in less than a month. And the BEST PART of Advocare is, just like CrossFit, you are not left to do it alone! It comes along with personal COACHING to be sure you get the results you want!!

The 24 Day Challenge is broken down into two phases. Phase one is a Cleanse Phase (Cleanse Pack Phase). Phase two is the Maximizing Phase (Max Pack Phase).



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