Iron Sharpens Iron

6/16/17 WOD

EMOM 15:00
A – :30 Max-effort Russian KB Swings, 55/35#
B – :30 Max-effort Alternating Turkish Get-ups
C – :30 Max-effort goblet squats

For quality:
10:00 row/bike/jog at conversational pace
Accumulate 1:00 hold at top of ring dip
Accumulate 1:30 front plank


A crucible is an extremely difficult test that combines different elements that when completed form something new. Beginning Monday, 6/19 our next training cycle – The Crucible – will give you the chance to do just that! One day each week for eight weeks you will have the chance to perform a WOD programmed by each coach and specifically designed to be a challenging physical and mental test. Hit these workouts with all you have got and great results will follow!!!

Also during this cycle we will be shifting focus to include a bit more Olympic lifting each week than we have done so far since The Open.

Finally, it is really starting to heat up outside. Be sure you are staying hydrated and getting plenty of rest!!