Iron Sharpens Iron

Monday Oct 29

CrossFit… Training for the UNKNOWN and the UNKNOWABLE!
Great job to our 5, 6, and 7 pm classes who got to do a spooky haunted box workout when the power was cut! Don’t worry, it came back on at 8:30pm.. Right after all the classes ended…annoying.


Bad website manager…

I know you all want to fire me… Trust me I want to fire myself some days too…sorry for the lack of posts lately, I’ll do better, I promise! Here’s what’s been happening around the box lately:








Oktoberfest Obliteration IV

ISI’s two female coaches, Misty and Abbey, competed today in the Oktoberfest Obliteration IV at CrossFit Champions. Competing in the WOMEN’S ELITE division, of course they were up against the best of the best, including Karen Pierce, Jennifer Jones, and Candace Ruiz!
WOD #1: ” Don’t be a Jerk”
Complete as many shoulder to overheads as possible in 1 minute (125#)
Then complete as many burpees as possible in 6 minutes, performing 5 box jumps (24″) every minute on the minute.
Complete one more minute of as many shoulder to overheads as possible (125#)

WOD #2: “Shorty”
In 90 seconds, complete a 50m sprint to bar, then complete as many front squats as possible with the remainder of time

WOD #3: “Run Forrest”
For time:
(in any order)
400m Run
400m Slosh Run (40lb)
400m Sandbag Run (70lb)

WOD #4: “Amrap Madness

AMRAP in 3 minutes:
3 Deadlifts (215lb)
6 Lateral Jump Burpees

1 minute rest

AMRAP in 6 minutes:
6 KB Swings (53lb)
9 Med Ball Sit-ups (14lb)

1 minute rest

AMRAP in 9 minutes:
6 Jumping Squats
9 Chest Slap Push-ups
12 Chest to Bar Pull-ups



Final score: Misty took 23rd place and Abbey took 31st.

Other ISI Athletes spent their entire day out there as a support crew for our ladies by coaching and encouraging them along the way! Thanks to Marcus, Kevin, Josh, Andrew, Mallory, Eric (and wife Jessica), Dennis, and Michelle for coming out!

Coach Jon also gave his entire Saturday as a Judge in the Elite division, which was no easy job!

We are so proud of our coaches and athletes for representing ISI well this weekend!