Iron Sharpens Iron

December 13, 2012



**PLEASE NOTE: The triathlon WOD at Dobie that was scheduled for this Saturday has been POSTPONED. It already didn’t seem to be a good weekend for several of you who were interested in participating, and now Trevor (who was coordinating it and was our “in” to the Dobie pool is down with strep throat! Yuck! Feel better soon Trev!


We find ourselves saying it over and over, but it always bears repeating. When you begin CrossFit, you will be sore. Heck, after 4 years of doing CrossFit, you will still get sore. You are working muscles and moving your body in ways that it hasn’t been used in years, or maybe ever. Obviously there is a difference between sore and injured, but we hope that you are listening to your coaches when going over the FORM and MECHANICS before beginning a WOD and holding yourself accountable to using good mechanics, even when fatigued. If you are doing this, what you are feeling is SORENESS, not injury. This is normal.

We’ve heard it more often than we’d like that “I did my first WOD last week and I was so sore that I couldn’t come back until now”. Well, get ready to be that sore again. Or even worse, when someone “tried CrossFit” ONE TIME, was sore, and now their testimony to others is that CrossFit is “dangerous” or “too intense for me”.

Mark Rippetoe addresses this in his article “Silly Bullshit” – CrossFit Journal:

“The recommendation to wait until soreness is gone to train again indicates a complete lack of practical experience with weight training, experience that would teach the necessity of training while sore for virtually every athlete who wants to improve.” He is referring to a doctor who recently gave this advice and saying that he should educate himself before providing this information to patients (who think he must know what he’s talking about, because after all, he is a doctor). We know that you may not have experience with weight training before you walk in the door at ISI…that’s why we ask that you listen to your coaches who do.

If you are following the guidance of your coach (especially if the guidance is to DROP WEIGHT and do the movement CORRECTLY rather than trying to go RX’d from day one for pride’s sake….GUYS!), holding yourself accountable to practicing proper form with each and every rep, and also heeding the words of advice on nutrition and recovery (*cough*POST WORKOUT PROTEIN DRINK*cough*LESS BEER/MORE MEAT AND VEGGIES*cough*), your soreness will lessen, recovery will improve, and you’ll see the difference in your performance!