Iron Sharpens Iron

Not too good for the WOD.

This is a great post by Justin Flynn, owner of Orange Coast CrossFit. We’ve all been guilty of catching the CrossFit fever and wanting to do MORE than just a WOD, or even mimicking what we see a more advanced CrossFitter doing. This is a good word on how the WOD is PLENTY!

“People just keep CrossFitting! Stop with these strength and oly cycles until you have been crossfitting for at least 2 years. Yes 24 months of just pure CrossFit.  You don’t need anything else, trust me.  One WOD a day, 5 days per week.  Trust me.  You will be a better, more well rounded athlete. Problem is that people want everything right now. Patience.  You will not RX the workouts overnight.

When did everyone become too good for the Workout of the Day?  The WOD is a way for us all to keep in elite level fitness for years and years.  For myself and 99% of the other CrossFit population, that is our recipe for success.  

I  cringe when I see folks who are barely a year in  doing strength cycles that can’t do hspu, muscle ups, rope climbs, fran in under 5 minutes rd’d, Helen in less than 10 min, 30/20 pullups in a row (men/women).  Basic, basic benchmarks.  If you cannot hit these then you have no business doing anything other than CrossFit as we see on  Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.”