First-Time Trial Class:
Free.  Saturday 9am. If Saturday doesn’t work for you, no problem! Please contact Misty at misty@crossfitisi.com to arrange another free trial class during the week!

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Advocare 24 Day Challenge + Distributorship (20% off for life) + OnRamp and 1 month of CFISI:

Approximately $215.00 (Read more about this option on our How Do I Start page)

UNLIMITED Membership:
Best Value – Best Results

6 Month PrePaid:  $825 (One Month FREE)*                                                                                                         12 Month PrePaid: $1,650 (Two Months FREE)*
Auto-draft Monthly**:  $165
Month-to-month:  $175)

2 Classes Per Week Membership:

6 Month PrePaid: $575 (One Month FREE)*                                                                                                         12 Month PrePaid: $1,150 (Two Months FREE)*
Auto-draft Monthly**:  $115
Month-to-month:  $125

*No other discounts apply when purchasing a PrePaid 6 Month or 12 Month Membership.

**Auto-draft does not lock you into a contract of any kind, it is still paid “month to month” but it does require a  30-day cancellation notice.  Pricing and schedule subject to change.

Kids of Steel Membership (ages 4-12):

1 class per week: $50/month

2 classes per week: $75/month

If registering 2 or more kids in K.O.S., take 10% off each additional child. No other discounts apply.

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Drop-in Rate:

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One-Day On-Ramp:

(Email the office at info@crossfitisi.com to confirm an on-ramp is taking place BEFORE registering)

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DISCOUNTS: only one discount can be applied per person
First-Responder, Active Duty/Retired Military, LEO, Firefighters: 10% off
Married Couples:  Spouse gets 30% off
Families:  Married Couples rate for parents, $50/month* per teen (ages 14-17) (*Flat $50 add on for a teen is for an Unlimited Membership as long as 2 adults already hold a couples membership. A single adult/one parent can add their teen on using the “Spouse” discount of 30% off).




Tell your friends about ISI and receive a discount! Receive $10 off your next month’s membership rate every time you refer a friend who begins a new membership at CrossFit Iron Sharpens Iron and lists you as who referred them!


  1. Jeremy

    Hi, trying to sign up for Tuesday 5/2 5:00am class to drop in for a WOD, no classes are shown on Zen Planner.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jeremy Bertsch

    1. Misty (Post author)

      Hey Jeremy, Andrew said you were planning on coming Tuesday! No need to do anything before-hand. See you Tuesday!

  2. Colby Kitterman

    Hi, I currently attend UH and was wondering if y’all do student discounts? Thank you

    1. Misty (Post author)

      Hi Colby!
      I emailed you! Look forward to meeting you soon!

  3. Jennifer Hinsley

    Hi! I’ll be in town next week visiting family and am looking for gym to drop in. Do you have weekly rates for drop ins?


    1. Misty (Post author)

      Jennifer, it was SO fun having you here! Can’t wait until you are in town again 🙂

  4. Sandy Shaw

    My 16 year old daughter and I started crossfit a couple mths ago at Crossfit Joy, unfortunately they are closing so we are looking for another gym. A couple places are offering deals to current members however they are too far in Pearland & I live in Friendswood. I am a single mother – would my daughter qualify for the child rate?

    1. Misty (Post author)

      Sandy, I emailed you! Let me know you received it 🙂 Hope to meet you soon!!


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