Classes cancelled

Due to the fact that all the “people who know” say it is unsafe to drive this morning, as well as the fact that most of you have said “I wouldn’t come anyway”…THERE ARE NO MORNING CLASSES AT ISI TODAY. (5,6, or 8am).

Let’s let the worst of this pass and we will have OPEN GYM from 4:30-6:30pm this evening for those of us who just HAVE to get a WOD in today…all are welcome!

Barbells for Boobs!

What a great turnout we had for Barbells for Boobs this weekend!! Thank you to all that donated, competed, or just came to cheer the competitors on!
What a great cause, and

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thanks to you many mammograms will be provided to those who couldn’t otherwise afford one!

To see more pictures from the event, visit the CrossFit ISI Facebook page!

Thanksgiving week at ISI

Reminder of our Thanksgiving Schedule here at ISI:

Monday- regular classes
Tuesday- regular classes
Wednesday- regular classes EXCEPT No 7:00pm
Thursday- closed
Friday- one class at 8:00am (no 5/6am)
Saturday- resume regular schedule (8-10am open gym)