A little Spring Cleaning…

Please take a moment to read through a few, but very important house keeping reminders.  We are all adjusting to the shock factor of 3 ½ times the amount of space and 10 times more SWEAT, but I think we all agree that we LOVE ISI and want to be PROUD of our box! This is where we need your help…. Y’all, some days it’s just disgusting around here. There are things that are hard to stay on top of, like the wind blowing junk in the bay door 10 minutes after it’s vacuumed, but if that was the worst of it we’d be doing okay! Unfortunately that’s far from the worst and here’s a few things we’ve noticed lately (not WE as in coaches, but WE as a community…yall are equally as grossed out by some of this and we need to all work together to be better in keeping our box clean)!

If you use it, put it away! Let’s just get the biggest one out of the way first. From this moment forward, there is no “hey, leave your box, bar, and bumpers out for me, I’ll use them in this next class”. Each class deserves to start with nice, open Warm Up space. If half of the equipment is left out from the class before, imagine what it looks like at the end of the evening for the poor 6pm-ers (or the coach) to put away alone! Besides, YOU had to load all of those weights out…don’t let the next guy off easy by leaving it out for him!

This goes for every single item. If you pull a box under the rig (which we may do away with soon as we come up with a better method, but more on that later), that box MUST go back where all the boxes are being stored together. **Quick side-note on the boxes…please don’t stack the pyramid boxes. They hold on for dear life and are next to impossible to get apart! **











Please be mindful of all of the “little” items you got out too. If you put a band on the rings or bar, it MUST go back on the hook.


If you are interested in using the ropes and don’t know how the pulley works to get them down, please ask for help and then please put them back up when you are finished!


Chalk. Seriously. Some people are madly in love with it. They eat, breathe, sleep with it.


This sight made steam come out of Marcus’ ears today. He was convinced that a rabid animal HAD to have gotten into the gym because there was NO WAY a person would have made this mess and then left it!

But really, chalk is sometimes useful and even necessary. You can use as much as you want but please only use it over the bucket. No one is doing a slo-mo video of you…please don’t clap a giant cloud of dust into the air. No one is impressed. Spend the extra 2 seconds bending down (functional movement) and clap off the excess chalk INSIDE THE BUCKET.

From here forward you may NOT take a block or bag of chalk out of the bucket and set it by your bar, by the other pull up rig, on the j-cup hooks on the new rig, or on a box near you. They must stay in the bucket. We will be adding a couple more buckets around the gym, so there is one plenty close to wherever you may be…you are doing a high intensity WOD…jogging over to the chalk bucket is not that much extra work. Also keep in mind that using a towel to dry sweaty hands instead of trying to use chalk may be the way to go anyway – it simply combines with sweat and becomes a mushy mess and often times makes your hands rip worse!


Water bottles, clothing, and jewelry everywhere, everyday. This will be much easier to control once we provide you with the cubbies to put your stuff in…I honestly think things get left because right now you are forced to just tuck your items into a corner somewhere. But, very soon we will have those finished and they WILL be cleaned out at the end of each week! If we find it left, we will accept any weight belts, wrist straps, knee sleeves, etc. as a donation and they will be stored with the community items! Gnarly Post-Workout shaker bottles will be thrown in the TRASH, and clothing items will be donated! Please bring a gym bag with you for all of your gear and take it home with you!


Kids Room

Please refer to the Rules that were recently posted outside of the kids room. Y’all, I KNOW it’s tough because when you take your child out at the end of the hour there are most likely 5 or more still left in the room. So it will never really be CLEAN, and that’s totally fine. But if you could help us with a few things, we would SO appreciate it! It’s gotten so nasty in there that I KNOW I wouldn’t want my kid anywhere near it if I were a visiting mom/new member.

-If you see the wrapper or the billions of crumbs of the exact snack you brought for your child all over the floor, please clean it up. There is a dust buster on the shelf in the room. The last thing we want is ants crawling all over our babies! On that note, let’s limit the snacks to items that don’t crumble everywhere and limit the potentially stinky foods/drinks (milk between the mats is gonna be ripe in July). It’s only one hour of the day. They’ll survive without their Goldfish crackers and milk for an hour J.

We are doing a major purge of the toys in the kids room because what we thought we be fun and keep them entertained so you could get a good workout has become so overwhelming that they don’t even want to be in there and they slowly drift into the halls, the front room, and the gym area.




(^^this is every single evening)

We’ll be putting less toys and more places to sit and it will be more BYOD style (Bring Your Own Device) so they remain calm and there’s less distraction for you!


Every single one of us, coaches and members alike, are guilty of some of these things, so let’s all make a conscious effort to pick up after ourselves so that ISI can be a place we are PROUD to show off to friends and family that we bring, visitors that drop in, and just nicer for us as a community to enjoy!


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