The Summer is coming! It’s time to Commit to Fit!

We all know we SHOULD eat healthier. Most of us even know HOW to eat healthier. And we “try” to eat better but we just fizzle out after just a few short weeks because it’s just too difficult.

Who has time to commit to all that meal-planning, shopping, cooking, and meal-prep when it’s just easier to just eat out all the time?!

#CommitToFit is about making it easier to make a lasting, sustainable change in your nutrition. We’re challenging ourselves to make a 90-day commitment to eating at least 5 prepared meals from FitChef (a local chef that specializes in healthy and delicious meal prep).

It’s that simple:

90 days of a subscription to have at least 5 meals automatically delivered. There is no prescribed diet that you MUST follow (i.e. Paleo, Whole 30, Zone, RP, etc.) Anything goes!  Along the way, we will provide accountability and support.

The premise is simple: If you have at least 5 healthy and delicious meals, prepared and ready to eat each week, not only will those meals be healthier than your normal meals, but they will also motivate you to make more healthy choices in your other meals. You’ll be far less tempted to hit the drive-through or order pizza when you have a healthy prepared meal at home, ready to eat.

The challenge here is more about CONSISTENCY and SUSTAINABILITY in eating healthy rather than a short-term diet or a highly-restrictive diet. It makes it EASY to eat like CrossFit prescribes: meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar.

“But do I really need to order meals? Couldn’t I just cook and meal prep on my own?”  

Of course you could. But you don’t. That’s the problem. You need help. It’s time to commit to fit!

Place your first order with the button below. Select CrossFit Iron Sharpens Iron as your delivery location. Chef Gary will call you to confirm your subscription. Meals will be delivered on Saturday mornings (Keto meals are delivered Wednesdays).

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