Iron Sharpens Iron

Why Compete?

Obviously the point of doing CrossFit for the majority of our members (as well as CrossFitters all over the world, whether members of an affiliate or those who just WOD in their own garage) is to improve their fitness and just be more prepared for life.
However, somewhere along your CrossFit journey, you may have developed an itch to take it one step further. Not that the day-in-day-out training isn’t enough…actually, that’s what CrossFit is all about! But all of a sudden you start hearing the word COMPETITION going around the gym and while you may have dismissed it at first (saying something like “I could NEVER do something like that”, or “that’s for the ELITE..I’ll never be there”) your interest may still be peaked!
Well let us clear a few things up about CrossFit competitions and why you MAY or MAY NOT want to take part!
Even entertaining the idea of competing for the first time in a CrossFit Competition can be as intimidating as doing your first CrossFit WOD. You have all of the preconceived notions that you are going to be surrounded by a bunch of Fronings, Khalipas, Thorisdottirs, and Leblanc-Bazinets and people may actually point and laugh at your pain. Well we hope you learned on your first day at ISI that the CrossFit community includes Soccer Moms, Police Officers, corporate workers, grandmas, college students, and everything in between. The diversity and the community is the BEST THING ABOUT CROSSFIT! So a few points about competitions to help you make your decision if you are on the fence:
1. Most local competitions offer multiple divisions such as Individual RX, Individual Scaled, Team, and even Beginners divisions (especially charity competitions). Find one where you feel confident in the movements required. Usually a list of standards are given up front before registration so you can make a good decision (For example, they may say Men’s RX must be able to perform movements such as ring dips, Handstand Push ups, and Snatch a certain weight). Often times the ones with “Beginners” or “Just for Fun” categories will allow anyone to compete and just do the best that they can do, scaling as needed.
2. Competitions will increase your motivation to really learn CrossFit and once you get there, they’ll usually leave you inspired to be better. You will be humbled by some of the athletes you see, and while you could let that intimidate you, you can choose to let it motivate you to be better! Is there something you’re weak at? Do you cherry-pick WODs by texting someone who came early in the day to see if the WOD includes movements you enjoy or movements you are good at? An impending competition (even a beginners or recreational competition) can give you the push you need to be BETTER!
3. You may just surprise yourself….
You may consider it a very far fetched fantasy that you could ever WIN a competition, but what if you could? Many CrossFitters didn’t grow up playing sports and at 45 years they are more of an athlete than they’ve ever been in their life. Isn’t it great that as adults we are given another opportunity to push ourselves, work hard, and maybe even do something that we didn’t think we could do? CrossFit offers that to us! Even if you never formally win a competition, every time you step outside your comfort zone and compete, you may surprise yourself with what you are capable of!

If you decide to train hard every day, and competitions aren’t for you, that’s FINE! Your ISI Coaches love working with you day in and day out in the gym. But if you are interested in exploring the idea of a competition, there are PLENTY coming up this Fall season and we would love to see ISI represented all over the city! Look at the “ANNOUNCEMENTS” box in the side bar for some upcoming competitions and talk to your coaches!

Thursday 9-12-13


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