Iron Sharpens Iron

Don’t be a Chalk Wh*re

Our friends at CrossFit OneWorld said it well….

We don’t care if you use chalk and leave some hand prints on the floor. Just keep your chalk use in check!
Here are some chalk facts:
  • More chalk does not make you stronger or faster.
  • Too much chalk is a sure fire way to tear your hands if you have a huge kipping pull-up or butterfly pull-up.
  • Chalk should not be used when doing wallballs.
  • You are not LeBron James. Pat off that excess chalk in the chalk bucket before you pull your hands out.
  • Unless you have excessively sweaty hands, you should chalk only once or twice a workout. Anything more is just you finding an excuse to rest.


Mechanics, Rest, and Active Recovery-Part 2

3-2-1 REST!!!

This is a reminder to work twice as hard at resting as you do in the gym. Remember, we don’t become fitter when exercising, rather we become fitter as a result of recovering from and adapting to the stimulus received in the gym. Nothing magic listed below, just good basic recovery practices that should be part of your normal routine. Talk to you coaches if you have questions!!!

– Sleep: as much sleep as you can get without getting divorced or fired

– Water: divide your body weight by 2 and multiply by 0.8 – this is a rule of thumb for the number of ounces you should drink per day; even a slight amount of dehydration stunts recovery and performance

– Food: protein, fat, carbs (veggies and fruit) with every meal and snack, buy the highest quality you can afford

– Supplementation: talk to your coaches about Advocare products. (Also Coach Andrew Thompson sells Vitamin S and HGH out of the trunk of his car in alley ways around the city )

– Self massage: invest in a foam roller, lacrosse ball, PVC and work out the kinks

– Stretch

– Ice baths and cold showers

– Epsom salt baths

– Massage therapy: the Texas School of Massage is a relatively affordable option


And don’t forget to get to bed early and get some extra sleep!!