Iron Sharpens Iron

Tuesday, 1-22-13

An excerpt from Food For Thought- The CrossFit Journal

“There are so many different analogies that can be used to explain the importance of nutrition in terms of performance: fuel for a car; soil, water, or sunlight for a plant; or memory for a computer. But it remains that seeing a pyramid with nutrition as its base—with metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting, and sport all stacked on top of it—makes it even clearer. Even more impressive is how much it makes sense after you’ve experienced it.

After participating in CrossFit for an extended period of time, my progress in terms of performance reached a plateau. It wasn’t until I made adjustments to my nutrition that progress resumed. What happened next is a repeat of what thousands of athletes and average individuals have already experienced: I looked better, I felt better, I had more energy, and my performance improved. I’m sure you’re not surprised, and I am aware that you knew this is where this story was going.”

“…We all understand that nutrition lies underneath performance in all the movement modalities and sport itself, but the problem is it remains secondary to people when they begin CrossFit, or any form of athletics for that matter. I understand that nutrition is a sensitive subject, and I understand that it can be controversial, but it should still become one of the entry points for those beginning to train and compete as athletes. ”


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